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Occupy Melbourne is an ongoing protest and demonstration against economic inequality, social injustice, corruption in the financial sector, corporate greed and the influence of companies and lobbying on government taking place in Melbourne, Australia which started on 15 October 2011. It has a holistic focus and approach, looking at ways to reinvent the system from the inside, through a peer-to-peer network that interacts, shares and relies on each other. A global village, with concentrated populations residing in Melbourne, Geelong, Castlemaine and Bendigo.

The protests began in solidarity with the Occupy Wall Street protests in New York, United States. The protest originated and remains heavily centred in the City Square of Melbourne.


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Occupy Fridays/Saturdays

  • Occupy Fridays is an attempt to focus the occupation site (currently, and likely now will always be City Square) into a 12 hour event
  • It is completely organic, non-heirarchical - individuals or groups are free to participate in the form of events such as discussion circles, workshops
  • Other cultural elements such as sharing of resources (food, books), music, art (chalking, sign making) and video are encouraged and feature regularly

Federal Court Case

  • Occupy Melbourne have mounted a Federal Court challenge seeking to restrain the City of Melbourne from what they argue is unlawful conduct by breaking up their protests
  • The case will conclude in May, with a decision reached hopefully not too long after

Direct Democracy vs Doyleocracy

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